Q: How long has Tournafin.com been helping fishing events?

A: The founder of Tournafin.com has been providing fishing event management and tournament scoring solutions since 2006. The Tournafin Fishing Event Management Service has been re-branded for 2020 but is built from over 15 years of experience developing custom solutions to fulfill the needs of many different types of fishing events.

Q: Can I list my event on Tournafin.com even though I may not be interested in the event service?

A: Yes! We would love to list your event on the Events page. After creating an account and setting up your basic event details, you will receive an email to activate the event listing. After we have approved your submission, it will be listed online. Sign in to add even more information about your event such as description, announcements, prizes, or perhaps a link to your offficial event website.

Q: Why start up a new fishing tournament?

A: Fishing tournaments are a great way to raise money for a charitable cause or fish enhancement initiative and connect with other like-minded anglers. They also help support the local economy. Businesses such as tackle shops, hotels, fuel stations, and restaurants often receive a boost in sales during a fishing event.

Q: Does my fishing event require a local internet connection to use this service?

A: No, it is not necessary to have an internet connection. Configure your event online and download the details using our DMT application installed on a Windows based computer. Take your computer to your remote location and start entering records in 'Offline mode'. You'll be able to take advantage of most features except for real-time leaderboards and participant notification subscriptions.

Q: Is it possible to display a real-time leaderboard on my fishing event's official website?

A: Yes, real-time results can appear on your own website! Sign in and navigate to one of your events. Locate the syndication code, copy it, and send to your webmaster to paste in the body of your official web page. It works like magic!

Q: Is the DMT application software tool easy to use for novice computer users?

A: Yes, the data entry application has been designed to be operated by anyone, even those with extremely limited computer experience. The software has been tested and used successfully by a variety of individuals with different computing backgrounds. If you need help, our customer support team would be happy to assist you with any questions.

Q: How do I customize my event on Tournafin.com?

A: Once you sign in, you can manage the details of your event and create prize categories with our user-friendly online interface. However, we know that learning new technology can be difficult - so we include 30 minutes of consulting with one of our experts in every service package to ensure that your event is set up the way you need it to be!


Q: How long does it take to weigh and record one fish using this system?

A: The data entry process is designed to be highly configurable yet intuitive. On average it takes 5 to 15 seconds to snap a photograph and record the required data.

Q: Is it necessary to keep paper records of event entries using this service?

A: This depends on how you run your event... Our DMT application will allow you to backup automatically to an external memory device. If a computer fails, then you can import the data into a different one and continue on. Furthermore, if you have a reliable internet connection, your entries are also being uploaded to the Tournafin database. This fail-safe allows most events to eliminate the need for paper records. You also have the ability to export your results to a .CSV file and work on it using software such as Microsoft Excel.

Q: Can I copy my configuration from a previous event?

A: Yes! We make it easy to get setup with Tournafin.com year after year! Simply copy an existing event template, specify new dates and you are ready to run your next fishing tournament.

Q: Can this service still be used even though my fishing event has multiple weigh stations?

A: Yes, this service can easily accommodate tournaments that have multiple weigh-in locations. Each weigh station computer will upload its records to the central Tournafin database when connected to internet.

Q: Can this system record data in a spreadsheet format and be used with Microsoft Excel?

A: Yes, all of the data collected can be easily converted into a .CSV file compatible with software such as Microsoft Excel.

Q: What happens if our event is operating in 'Live Mode' and we lose internet connectivity?

A: Our DMT application will continue to work when loss of internet connection occurs. The application will reconnect the next time a connection is available and continue transferring data that did not upload to the central Tournafin database. Please note that real-time leaderboards and participant notifications will not be current while your internet connection is down. If your internet connection is down for an extended time period or you prefer to work offline, please go to 'Weigh Station Settings' in the application and disable upload to significantly improve speed and performance of the DMT application.

Q: If we are not operating in 'Live Mode', how does data get uploaded to the web?

A: Data will get uploaded to the web automatically as soon as the DMT application detects an internet connection. The DMT application is designed to run a synchronization routine upon startup so it can help to close the program and re-open it to ensure everything is uploaded correctly after working offline.

Q: Can I request a new feature be added to the service?

A: Yes, Tournafin.com does custom software development and can provide you with a quote for additional functionality. We also frequently add new features thoughout the year to continually improve our service offering.

Q: How are the hidden weights generated?

A: Hidden weights or lengths can be generated or manually input by the event organizers. If you would like our service to generate hidden weights or lengths, it is best to wait until weigh-in is closed. The generator will pick a random number between the smallest and largest fish that qualifies for the category. This helps you pick a random number that is not too small or too big for the size of fish entered in the event.

Sales / Billing

Q: How are purchases secured on Tournafin.com?

A: Tournafin.com uses industry leader, Stripe, to process all payments. Communication between your browser and Tournafin.com is secured with SSL encryption. Credit card details are never saved and stored on our servers.

Q: Can I test or trial the service for FREE?

A: Yes, absolutely! Trial the event service for FREE as long as you would like. It's easy to get started setting up your own event! During your trial, you will be restricted to entering 10 fish. Purchase and activate your event to unlock. If you have any questions please contact our sales team at sales@tournafin.com.

Q: How can I advertise on Tournafin.com?

A: Tournafin.com has a highly targeted audience of visitors who are very passionate about fishing! Please contact sales@tournafin.com for pricing and to find out more about this unique opportunity.

Q: Do you have a referral program?

A: We will pay a referral fee to anyone who refers us to a new customer who purchases their first event service as a result of the referral. Customers must verify the referrer and payments will be issued after the first event is completed.

Q: What happens if we've paid for our event but have to cancel it?

A: If your event must be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and you choose to refund ticket holders, Tournafin.com will refund all fees paid associated with that event. No refunds are issued to events that were not formally cancelled.


Q: Is there a help line that I can call in case we have problems during our event and require technical support?

A: Yes. Regular support is available during business hours Monday - Friday. 'Extended' technical support coverage for weekends and evenings is available to purchase per event. Find the support number in your Dashboard, once purchased.

Q: What if we need to make changes to our fishing event configuration while it is in progress?

A: Any changes to the structure of your event such as prize categories, start/end times, etc are best completed before the event begins and while you have internet access. However, if internet is available at each weigh station computer, updated event configuration can be re-downloaded and installed. The DMT application also allows you to delete and edit the entries at any time during the event. Please ensure that you have taken the time to thoroughly test the DMT application and your event parameters before it starts. Having experience using the application will give you confidence and piece of mind during your event.

Q: My results are not accurate, what do I do?

A: First of all, don't panic! 95% of the time this is caused by: a) Incorrect filters on the category - review the category in question and ensure it is setup to filter as you require. If any changes need to be made, the results will update in real-time. b) Data entry error - sometimes mistakes are made recording entries. If an entry is not showing in the results and you think it should qualify, select the record and 'edit' it. If any of the fields were not entered correctly, change them and re-save. If you still need assistance, email support@tournafin.com or call us immediately if you have purchased the 'Extended Technical Support' package. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we will work hard to resolve any issues.


Q: How does Tournafin.com protect my personal data?

A: Tournafin.com values protecting your personal data. We do not store any sensitive data such as credit card numbers on our servers. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy.

Q: Does Tournafin.com share my information with third parties?

A: No absolutely not! Tournafin.com does not sell or share your personal information with third parties.